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                Scientific Methodology

                The two co-founders of Hepalink are both senior experts in biosaccharide chemistry and have in-depth understanding of the significant role of biosaccharide chemistry in immunoregulation.  Immunological imbalances are the leading cause of cardiovascular disease and tumor formation, and the clinical demand therapeutics to treat these two major diseases is greatly needed. Therefore, our innovative drug pipeline layout is focused on the the clinical prevention and treatment of major cardiovascular and tumor diseases caused by immune imbalance.

                In addition to our own original products in the field of oncology therapy, we have also launched a global partnership to invest in, and incubate, first-in-class assets that diversify the risks of new drug R&D.

                We are accelerating the development of new drugs through our CDMO platform, and expanding our investment horizon by investing in companies such as Kymab, which makes use of humanized mice and big data analysis technological platforms to transform antibodies into novel therapeutics targeted at treating cancer and autoimmune diseases. These investments further expand our vision for innovative  drug development, enhances the success of new drug R&D, and finally, helps Hepalink to grasp the global development trend of cutting-edge drugs and R&D.

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