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                1998-2008 Year “Hope for Patients” — Start-up again
                In 1998, Hepalink was established in Shenzhen, China. Hepalink is the second start-up of its founders. The start-up is dedicated to bringing hope to patients and is based on the judgment of the future development trend of the global heperin industry. Together, the founders decided to establish Hepalink in Shenzhen, the forefront of China’s opening up and reform. The development goal of Hepalink is to build the world’s largest heparin sodium supplier. With this goal, we have established a pharmaceutical ingredients supply chain with controlled quality to ensure the safety of the source of raw materials; we developed unique advanced processing technologies based on the characteristics of Chinese heparin ingredients to produce and supply high-quality heparin ingredients to the global market. We were approved with an API qualification to commercialize our products in China, the US and the EU in 2003, 2005, 2008, respectively. Our production and sales volumes have increased year on year, becoming the world's largest pharmaceutical enterprises of heparin ingredients.

                At the same time, with the research results in the field of biosaccharide chemistry in the past decades, especially on heparin and its derivatives at the level of molecular biology, we set up the Polysaccharide Chemical Engineering Center. Our focus has been to conduct systematic research on the role of sugar in immune regulation mechanisms and track the world’s leading scientific results, so as to build on the knowledge system of pharmaceutical R&D, and construct Hepalink’s unique pharmaceuticals R&D logic.

                In 2005, the enoxaparin injections developed by Shenzhen Techdow Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (a subsidiary of Hepalink) was approved for listing by the Chinese government. Since then, we have established a heparin industry chain, and earned our place in the international market. For better development, in 2007 Hepalink was transformed into a joint stock company, preparing for subsequent capital market support.
                2009-2019 Year A Global Layout Supported by Investments
                In 2010, Hepalink’s A Shares were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

                We acquired SPL and Doppler in 2014 and 2018 respectively. Through a series of integration, we established a secure global supply chain, fully connected the entire heparin industry chain, becoming the world’s largest heparin API supplier, and the fourth largest supplier of enoxaparin finished doses globally. By broadening our portfolio of products, this allows us a sounder foundation and a stronger impetus for development.

                After the scientific research achievements in the past decade, Hepalink has formed its unique logic of first-in-class layout. In terms of principle, we continue our R&D, exploration and investment in innovative drugs in the immumodulating field. Regarding disease entities, we focus more on cardiovascular and tumor diseases resulted from immunodulation imbalance. In terms of approaches, we push forward global R&D with a more effective and less risky way to ensure client interests, and meanwhile, we stick to and enhance our R&D strengths, especially for the R&D techniques focused  on middle and late stage clinical drugs. We have chosen a pathway that highlights the complementary strengths of global cooperation and efficiency, which is also in line with Hepalink’s development interests.

                To expand our selection scope of innovative drugs and enhance our precision in drugs selection to meet our drugs layout, and to accelerate the R&D pace of our current drug pipelines, Hepalink started looking for CDMO platforms globally since 2012, and successfully acquired Cytovance Biologics, Inc. in 2015. In addition, to follow the latest trend in biomacromolecule drug R&D technology, in 2016, we invested in Kymab, with which we make use of humanized mice and big data analysis technological platform to screen, develop and clinically transform the fully human antibody targeted at autoimmune diseases and cancer treatment.

                Over the past decade, Hepalink has gradually become an innovation-driven international pharmaceutical company focusing on the heparin entire industry chain. Hepalink now has a multiple of cash flow businesses with steady growth, and a new drugs pipeline with dozens of First-in-Class innovative drugs.
                2020 Year A Bright Future Driven by Innovation

                In order to accelerate its pace to become a leading international pharmaceutical company, Hepalink has been preparing for H shares listing. While the world is inflicted by the COVID-19, our H-share listing plan is progressing on schedule.

                With the successful development of several mid-to-late clinical drugs, the attainment of commercialization qualification in Greater China will become a new growth engine for Hepalink.

                No matter how the future would look like, “bringing hope to patients across the globe” is always the noble mission of all Hepalinkers.

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