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                Li Li
                Chairman, Hepalink Co., Ltd

                In the past two decades, as a leading international pharmaceutical enterprise based in China, Hepalink is committed to meeting the significant clinical needs of decreasing the high lethality rates caused by malignant diseases, providing corresponding solutions, and bringing hope to patients. We do so by our unending spirit of scientific and empirical tests, which is carried out by our 2,100 staff in over ten countries around the world, and by providing high-quality and high-value products and services.

                Learning from our commercial practices in the heparin industry chain, we have developed the scientific logic of innovative drug pipeline layout using biosaccharide chemistry as a starting point for in-depth research, knowledge reserve and R&D and application at the level of molecular biology. Meanwhile, our CDMO is also boosting our new drug development, providing a broader vision of new drug layout. The business sectors of Hepalink are connected and mutually reinforcing, which together boosts our development.

                Hepalinkers around the world all uphold the principles of scientific thinking, empirical studies, diligence, and harmony, all of which are the core values in our business activities, products, and services. With this as the basis, we continue to improve and innovate. We explore optimized techniques; we set strict standards in quality control; we keep enhancing our management; we invest heavily in scientific innovation and we spare no efforts in lifting our efficiency. Relying on our experiences in multinational operation, innovative management culture and multicultural global team of experts, we can seize the market opportunities. In the face of an even more uncertain future, we will produce more advantageous and new medicines, bringing hope for patients for accelerated recovery, and to regain health which will assist people around the world in pursuing a full and robustful healthier life..

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