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                Reminder: the access to this website is granted by Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. on the following conditions. Using this website indicates that you already know and accept them. If you do not consent to any of them, please stop using this website.

                How You Use This Website

                Thecontent on the Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafterreferred to as “Hepalink”) website (hereinafter referred to as “this website”)is only for personal use instead of commercial use. As for the copyrightstatements and other ownership statements in the content, you should respectthem and maintain them in its copies. Even if there are no rights statements,it does not mean that this website is not entitled to the rights or does notclaim the rights over the content. You should follow the principle of goodfaith, and respect its legitimate rights and use it legally. Besides, youshould not modify, copy, openly present, publish or distribute these materialsin any way or use them for any public or commercial purpose in other ways. Youmust not use them on any other website or in other print media or networkcomputer environments for any purpose. The content and edit function on thiswebsite are protected by the copyright law, trademark law, patent law andcommercial secret law. Any unauthorized use can violate copyrights, trademarkrights, patent rights, commercial secret rights and other legal rights. If youdo not accept or violate aforementioned agreements, your access to this websitewill be automatically terminated and you should immediately destroy anydownloaded or printed content on this website.

                Information Disclosure

                This website offers original information withoutany kind of guarantees, including those on ownership, non-violation againstthird party rights, marketability, fitness for a particular purpose, nocomputer virus, or non-violation against intellectual property rights.Moreover, Hepalink does not guarantee that the information on this website isaccurate, sufficient, reliable and complete. The content on this website or theintroduction of products and services in the content will change at any timewithout prior notice. Meanwhile, the content on this website might be out ofdate, and Hepalink does not promise to update it in time. As the internet isinternational or borderless, the information on this website is alsointernational and might be about products or services unavailable in yourplace. You can consult local Hepalink business contacts or agents about theproducts or services available in your countries or regions. If the applicablelaw specifically prohibits or limits the exclusion of implied guarantees, thiskind of exclusion term might not be applicable to you.

                Protection of Privacy Right

                Hepalink promises solemnly that without the written consent of website users, this website will not collect the data of any user. If this website acquires the information about individual privacy such as e-mails from forms filled by users for service needs, the company will strictly keep it a secret and will not disclose or offer it to any third party.

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                Access Conditions

                Hepalink can update this section and modify these access conditions at any time. If you use relevant websites, it means that you consent to be bound by any aforementioned modifications. You should often visit this web-page to learn about current terms because they are closely related to you. Some clauses of them might also be replaced by legal notices or terms specifically designated on certain web-pages of this website.

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