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                The First-rate and Fastest-growing Biological CDMO Services in the World
                Cytovance® Biologics, Hepalink’s wholly-owned subsidiary located in North America, is a world leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) that specializes in recombinant and naturally derived macromolecule and gene therapy products. Our CDMO platform not only boasts robust microbial  and mammalianprocess development and production capabilities but is also emerging  in the flourishing gene therapy market. With high-quality services and unique technological superiority, Cytovance has gained the trust of important customers, brought us more innovative products, helped us screen new drugs more accurately, and sped up the development of existing pipeline products.
                Process development service

                Cell Line Development
                Escherichia coli Keystone Expression Systeem
                Mammalian Cell Culture Process Development
                Microbial Fermentation Development
                Pre-Formulation Stability Testint
                Refold and Purification Development
                Purification Development
                Process Transfer
                Analytical Method Transfer Development Qualification
                Process Characterizatios

                Manufacturing service

                Mammalian Cell Culture
                Microbial Fermentation
                Mass Refolding
                Purification and Separation
                Customized DS Manufacturing
                Microbial and Mammalian Cell Banking
                Process Validation

                Development Support Services

                Project Management
                Validation of Analytical Method
                Raw Material Management
                Stability Test
                Regulatory Support

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