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Updated 5/18/08

It's been awhile but I haven't forgotten about this website or Robert's fans. I've finished the gallery for
Smuggler Press Gang and have updated the Memorial Page. If you've left well-wishes in Robert's memory it's now up.

Updated 3/28/08

second and third part of Devil's Bride are now up. The files are also available for download upon request. Again thanks to RedKothar for the video.

Updated 3/23/08

The first part of
Devil's Bride is now up. Big thanks to RedKothar for the video.

Updated 3/19/08

I have just finished a fan video on
Excalibur. There are some clips of Robert playing Mordred in it. New avatars also are up for A Victorian Girl.

Updated 3/10/08

It's almost been a month and I haven't updated. Bad me. I've been very busy of late but hopefully will have more time to update and will add some cool new features to this website. Meanwhile, here are some new avatars created by the talented
Greek Amazon and A Victorian Girl. Also Victorian Girl's Website is the newest addition to the Affiliates Page. Please check out her website. It has goodies from both ROS and the BBC Robin Hood.

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